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Why Us
My STEM Lab, a world-leading early STEM education provider

My STEM Lab, a leading early STEM education provider in Australia, extends our impact globally to the USA, Canada, and China. Our mission is to kindle a love for science in children from a young age. Our Co-founder Dr. Chris's innovative curriculum forms the basis for a range of engaging products tailored for children, including online and in-person science workshops, STEAM holiday camps, science-themed birthday parties, exhibitions, and captivating children's science books.


At My STEM Lab, we prioritize making science an enjoyable and interactive experience. Our courses are designed to blend creativity and hands-on activities, ensuring that learning science is not just educational but also exciting. By introducing the concept of learning through fun, we aim to unveil the enchanting world of science in the most imaginative ways possible. Join us at My STEM Lab, where we strive to ignite curiosity and set children on a path of scientific discovery filled with joy and excitement.

Our Researcher 

Dr Chris Ferrie, a physicist, mathematician, researcher, and renowned children's book author. With a doctorate in Mathematical Physics from the University of Waterloo in Canada, Chris is currently an associate professor at the University of Technology Sydney.

Chris is a creative mind with popular series like "Quantum Physics for Babies" and "Red Kangaroo Thousands of Physics Whys." His approach involves simplifying complex subjects for children through engaging illustrations. Chris has also contributed to a 52-episode video lecture series titled "Physics for Children" which has hit with millions of views worldwide.


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Meet Our Team

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